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VEDA offers unique, authentic, and private cruises with organic food, green energy, and a warm-hearted crew.

There is no other experience like us on the Nile.

The VEDA dahabiyas

Peaceful platforms to host your personalised retreats & holidays.


Veda 1


  • 10 rooms. Hosts up to 20 people.
  • Each room has a private bathroom and a little desk.
  • 4 suites with a nice balcony. 

Veda 2


  • 10 rooms. Hosts up to 20 people.
  • Each room has a private bathroom.
  • 2 suites with a nice balcony.

Veda 3


  • 5 rooms. Hosts up to 10 people.
  • Each room has a private bathroom.

What makes us different?


Personalised to your taste.

From length of stay, to the stops on your trip, to defining your daily itinerary, and choosing your preferred food – everything is up to you. Of course, we are happy to offer guidance based on your group's desires.


Exclusive & authentic experiences.

Enjoy a barbeque on a deserted island or take in private moments in the temples. At your request, VEDA crew can guide you to the most impressive and high-energy places on the Nile.


Green & organic.

Local cuisine, fresh juices, detox smoothies, natural cleaning products, and solar-powered boats. Travelling with Veda is truly unique. We are the first real green boat on the Nile.

Healthy experience
is our mission

Mind, Body, and Soul: For a deeper connection.



Open your mind, enter a  deeper state of awareness.



Step fully into your body. The perfect start to the morning.



Relax after a long day. Integrate the high energies of Egypt.


Special diets

Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, detox diets, & more.



Sunrise walks, early-evening runs, healing sessions.


A river full of sacred places

By following the natural flow of the river you will discover some of the most sacred places of the world.

All our trips are designed according to your wishes. Your group's tailored itinerary will lead you to the locations and temples which fit your energy.

Veda on CNN

CNN's Destination Egypt visited the Veda boats to give you a first hand impression of what awaits you when cruising the Nile.

You can see the Veda boats, founders and team in action from the 7:40 mark.

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